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Terri Walters has been successfully leading teams to create and execute corporate media and events for 30 years.

Her excitement is contagious, and her passion for building on a company's brand vision and messaging through events and digital media makes her a valuable strategic partner.

I'm the Don Draper of Corporate Events. I lean in, and listen to clients and their vision. Then, I work with a creative team to distill the essence of  that vision to bring it to life through theme, tone, art and technology.  

 Terri Walters 

 Moonfish Production, Ltd. 

 There are No Do-Overs   in Live Events 

There are no "Do-Overs" in live events. That's what we love about them!


We are Live Event and Production Consultants with a specialty in Creative Technical Production and Execution.  


With over 30 years of experience in producing live events and engaging media for Corporations, Associations and Non-Profit, Moonfish has a broad scope of experience within the Live and Virtual Events Industry.


Our depth of experience within events, and within media creation, positions us uniquely to guide clients through the, often complex, world of Technical Event Production.


Companies often know what they want to achieve, they just don’t know how to get there. Technology changes continuously, and you need a partner who has their head in the game. We continuously evolve our processes, approaches and skill sets to execute your vision.


We can consult with you on strategy, bring in a core team to help execute, or an entire production team to Rock-n-Roll it. It’s your choice. We're flexible like that. We were "boutique" before boutique was cool.

Our pros maintain a steady temperament, and provide clear guidance and oversight to lead the team toward successful implementation of your important event.  

Respected within the industry, our goal is always, Flawless Execution.



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