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Event Production

At Moonfish Production, we understand the importance of delivering a creative, business-appropriate, focused, branded message to your audience. We work with you on strategy and development of your message, and then help you orchestrate and implement the delivery of it, via the live production and other visual media. We're business people delivering creative messages.

In any production, there are a lot of moving parts. All those parts need to be effectively managed. Messages need to be carefully crafted. Venues need to be inspected and evaluated. Budgets and Timelines need to be created and managed. Schedules need to be developed. Equipment needs to be procured, and the right Crew needs to be assembled and directed.

All this needs to happen for one reason... to effectively deliver YOUR message.

Moonfish Production provides Event Production Management. We have the experience, the contacts and the passion to make your production run flawlessly.

We give your message IMPACT, so your audience TAKES ACTION.